MEIB Investments

Loan Stock

If you are new, growing, had a long-term growth potential but your limited operating history is curbing your expansion plan, look no where as we may have the solution for you. Through our Loan Stock, MEIB will carry the right to convert our loans into shares on pre-arranged terms and within a limited period. We typically seek to exit within three (3) years via Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Reverse Take Over (RTO), Industrial Sale or through Mergers and Acquisition.

If your product and services are commercially viable, with a clearly identifiable market, supported by a strong management and book-order and further enhanced by a sustainable competitive advantage, we shall be pleased to help you create your future with MEIB.

When others choose to compete, we seek to complement; and while others promote products and services, we offer solutions. We are not doing different things, we just do things differently.

Mohsen H.HP. - CEO - Director